Diet Food Home Delivery: Providing Nutrition For The Chronically Ill


A Day Like No Other

March 24th, 2012 started off as any other normal Saturday in the Sullivan household. Tracy Sullivan’s bedside alarm woke her up at her normal time (7:45 AM), and she rolled out of bed, slipped on her robe and house shoes, and walked to the kitchen to begin her normal Saturday routine of cooking breakfast for her husband of twenty years and their two teenage sons. An hour later, when the heaping meal of pancakes and bacon were ready to be served, her husband and youngest son were already sitting at the dining room table with forks in hand, but her oldest son, Tyler, was nowhere to be seen, which was very unusual for a boy who normally hit the floor running anytime he smelled bacon frying.

Concerned, Tracy left the kitchen and walked quickly down the hallway toward Tyler’s room, where she knocked on the closed door. Nothing. She knocked twice more and was finally met by a faint moan coming from inside the bedroom. When she flung the door open, she discovered a semi-conscious Tyler lying fully clothed on top of his bed and barely breathing. Tracy’s normal Saturday – and also life, as she knew it – would never be the same again.

Finding Solutions Through Diet Food Home Delivery

Two years have passed now, and Tracy will tell you that the harrowing hours that followed are still somewhat of a blur, but not the shock that came from discovering Tyler had Type 1 diabetes and was near death from his blood sugar being dangerously high. A lot has changed since that day, including the whole family’s unhealthy eating habits, but it wasn’t something that happened overnight.

After buying numerous diabetic cookbooks, Tracy was ready to throw in the towel and give up. The recipes she prepared were bland, did nothing to satisfy their hunger, and they were no help at all when it came to controlling Tyler’s blood sugar spikes. When a friend suggested she try ordering his diet food online, she was skeptical but desperate for a solution, and once she received the go-ahead from Tyler’s endocrinologist, she was able to design a meal plan, with the help of a customer representative, that would meet Tyler’s dietary needs, such as:

  1. Stable blood sugar. Through the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, Tyler is able to keep his blood sugar in a safe range, and since the nutrition contents have already been configured, there’s no more worrying over whether or not he’s getting the right amount.
  2. Weight management. Through the program, Tyler was able to lose ten pounds, per his Doctor’s recommendations, and is now able to maintain a healthy weight.

As Tracey says, “Now there’s no more worrying over whether or not Tyler is getting the right balance of carbohydrates to keep his blood sugar stable because it’s already been configured for us. And he doesn’t leave the table hungry and unsatisfied, like he did in the weeks following his diagnosis. The food tastes great while also being nutritious, and it’s been a saving grace for us all, because it helps alleviate some of the burden that comes from having to deal with this disease on a day-to-day basis.”

For many people, like the Sullivan’s, diet food home delivery has become more than just a healthy eating plan. It’s a way of life.