Diet to Go Review 2019

Hi, I’m Rachael Carothers, and I recently tried Diet to Go.

Diet to Go works. Period. Their award-winning, chef-prepared, low-cost meals have been the perfect weight loss solution for the vast majority of people who tried them. And these discount codes for Diet to Go on the right will save you up to $50 off.

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One of my favorite meals is the Bistro Chicken Salad, which consists of Chicken Breast Tenders with Pasta, Vegetables, and Sauce. A Mini Mango Walnut Muffin comes with it, too.


How Does DiettoGo Work?

How does  DiettoGo work? You receive fresh, healthy, delicious meals, that are perfectly portioned and ready to eat! Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, DiettoGo makes it easy. With DiettoGo you are in control. You can enjoy more free time, looking and feeling your very best, and loving the food you eat. The goal of Diettogo is to help you live healthy.

Diet to Go Reviews and Testimonies

Diet to Go has helped millions lose weight effortlessly, painlessly, and safely, for the past 20 years. The customer testimonies below are real. Busy people, like you and I, who at some point struggled with their weight, turned to Diet to Go for help. They watched themselves shrink while they enjoyed tasty, fresh meals prepared by chefs, and designed by weight loss experts.


Diet to Go’s #1 rated meal delivery plan undoubtedly works. Today, all these people enjoy a better health and feel good with their body. Diet to Go can help you, too.


Abby Crowel – Philadelphia, PA

Growing up and as a young adult I was of normal weight and then I started having babies. After that happened the weight came on and stayed on. I finally got to a point where I really was fed up and I thought “I am really an accident waiting to happen”. I had no clue as to how to do. I couldn’t image going other routes where I would have to plan and cook and shop. I do have a need to have food that looks like food and tastes like food.

So I decided to try Diet to Go and immediately loved it. It never has felt like a diet. It worked. As of today I have lost about 47 lb and I have kept it off. It just works.

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 Nancy  Fondriest- Lorton, VA

My life is busy. It’s crazy busy. I have a job that I love but the hours can be long. You know, it’s hard, right? It’s hard to eat well. You know, we all want to eat healthy. There just isn’t that time that you need to step back, to plan, then to get to the grocery, all the preparation time…

You know if I’m rushing off to work in the morning and I stop to get a coffee and I start looking at the pastry case and all the things I can pick up… If I leave home and I haven’t had breakfast yet or planned what I’m going to get, it’s very tempting to be getting my coffee and just grab a pastry to go with that. And you know, you eat it and you later feel like “I wish I hadn’t started my day that way.

Diet to Go has been a key answer for me in eating right and in setting a good example for my family. I have fresh food. It’s never frozen. There are no additives, no dyes. I know that it is nutritious, and portioned-well. The difference with Diet to Go is that I walk in the door and I open that refrigerator and I see a meal, a delicious meal. It’s already there waiting for me. And all I have to do is take it out, heat it up, and sit down and enjoy it.

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Rachel Riley – Philadelphia, PA

I was recommended Diet to Go by a coworker. I saw the results she was getting and that actually motivated me to pick up the phone and call and try it. I thought “well, I’ll try it for a month”. I discovered a program that actually worked for me. The food is delicious. It’s teaching me portion control. I didn’t know about portion control even though intellectually I thought I do. When you sit down in front of a big bowl of spaghetti intellectual knowledge sometimes goes right out of the window. But it’s training my eye, it’s training my stomach, and I realize I can get by with a lot less food than I’d previously thought. It doesn’t take time to prepare, you know, I can just microwave the meals. I know what I’m getting.

I think because you’re paying for the service and you respect the integrity of meals and the time and thoughtfulness gone into the preparation it makes you want to adhere to that, not violate that contract that I have with myself to follow this program.

So, I had great success. I have lost about 30 pounds. I feel better about myself. Doctors are thrilled. For me, it wasn’t necessary about the number on the scale as much as it was the numbers in the lab results. My cholesterol, triglycerides, and all those numbers that we have really make the difference. So, I feel I can stay on Diet to Go out into the future as long as they keep me as a client, I hope they will be there for me.

You Can Do This

I wholeheartedly recommend Diet-to-Go as an excellent way to lose weight. Here is why:

Food Tastes Really Good. My friend Marianne Plunkert, who also tried the food, enjoyed almost all meals. Her favorite meal was the Baked Salmon with Pineapple Salsa. She also liked the BBQ Melts:  “I have died and gone to heaven. Can a meal really be smothered in this much lovely cheese and still qualify as a diet meal?” She lost 2 pounds in the first 3 days of her trial.


It’s Easy. Dieting is by no means an easy thing. But Diet-to-Go is easy and this is what makes it stand out of the many diet food delivery programs out there. Diet-to-Go does all the work. You enjoy the tasty meals and you lose the weight. No counting calories, no tracking what you eat, no fuss. The program offers the easiest way to lose 20 lbs. or more (2 Lbs, or more per week) fast. They do the work, you eat the delicious, chef created meals and lose the weight. No complicated meals to prepare, no calorie or point counting, no meetings -simply heat, eat, and enjoy award winning, chef created meals as the weight falls off.

High Quality. Each meal recipe is handcrafted by their talented chefs and then prepared using the highest quality ingredients – it’s like have your own personal chef. You’ll feel pampered like the stars as the weight comes off.

It’s Affordable. Losing weight while enjoying home delivered, healthy, chef-prepared food has its price. And so does dieting yourself with all the planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and uncertainty that goes with it. The low price of Diet to Go meals makes it a no brainer. It is the lowest priced weight loss food delivery service. When you choose the customer’s favorite 7-day plan, you get 21 meals (3 meals a day for 7 days). Each meal costs $6.95. And if you use the Diet to Go promotion code I give you above you pay only $4.87 per meal for your first week. Well, sure, this is more expensive than preparing your own meals. Latest statistics show that the average cost of a meal in an American family is at least $3. But how much do you value the convenience of not having to track, count, or cook , while enjoying healthy and tasty recipes that drop 1-2 lbs off your weight each week? I know I value it a lot.

You Learn Portion Control. What is a proper food portion? The ever-expanding portion sizes have contributed to the obesity epidemic in America. Diet to Go meals have been designed to satisfy while delivering the right amount of calories. You lose weight safely, and steadily while keeping your mind unstressed, your pocket at ease, and your taste buds delighted!

Variety, Customization, Flexibility–You are in Control. Between the 3 menus (Low-Fat, Vegetarian, and Low-Carb) and the option to customize your plan with unlimited meal substitutions (you can substitute each meal in your plan with one you like more or double up your favorites), and the ability to skip an order at any time, you are sure to keep motivated and stay the weight loss course.

Don’t spend a fortune on the other guys with long-term commitments up front, only to be disappointed in what you get. With Diet-to-Go, there are no commitments or gimmicks and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. See how easy losing weight can be with a trial week at their super low price of $5.52 per meal ($115.99/week) when you use our exclusive Diet-to-go coupon codes (see top right).

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Diet-to-Go is Better than Ever

Diet-to-Go has made some massive investments in the last 18 months that make it a “no brainer” when it comes to choosing the best weight loss program.

Here are a few of the updates that have been made:

New Staff

  • Last year Diet-to-Go hired a full-time dietician, nutritionist and various health coaching staff members. They are getting better than ever at giving hands-on support. If you join Diet-to-Go you will have direct access to experts that will hold your hand through your weight loss journey.


  • They have completely changed and upgraded their packaging. Each mail-order meal now comes vacuum sealed and nitrogen packed with a specialized cardboard sleeve. This allows for easy stacking in the freezer/fridge. You will love these new packages.

Local Pick-Up

  • Diet-to-Go has exploded into the Southern CA market with partnerships with over 50 health clubs that now serve as local pickup locations. They have great coverage in LA county & Orange county and will be branching out into the San Diego market and San Bernardino (the largest county in America). They also have a deal pending with one of the largest club chains in CA.
  • They recently opened their first club partnership in northern NJ. Diet-to-Go are on the brink of jumping with 2 feet into the NYC market.

Major Menu Overhaul

  • Starting last Spring Diet-to-Go began the process of revising all of their menus to improve nutrition, ingredients, quality, taste. Through that process they’ve updated almost every meal on their menus…whether it was replacing the juice, updating the side, improving the recipe or changing ingredients, or changing to a new meal altogether. The sodium on the 1200 calorie plans now averages 1500-1600 per day and the new and improved recipes are tastier than ever.
  • Owning up to the claim that they have the most flexible real food diet plan on the market, they’ve added 8 new meals to their full-time substitution list. With the ability to double up on favorite meals for the week and a dedicated substitute list, customers have the ability to choose a whopping 30+ alternatives to meals that they don’t like. That is huge! With Diet-to-Go you truly can eat the food that you love and craft a meal plan that works for you with NO extra cost.
  • They have also added 20 brand new standard meals to our menu. These were added purely based on feedback from their customers on what they liked and didn’t like. Diet-to-Go got rid of old meals and gave the customers what they wanted.

Customer Experience

  • Diet-to-Go’s largest investments in 2014-2016 centered around customer experience. They have partnered with a health technology company called Wellness Layers to completely re-imagine your online experience.

I believe Diet-to-Go is truly the best diet food delivery service. Use the Diet-to-Go discount codes I provide above to save 50$ or more.


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