DiettoGo Day 2 Breakfast: Fajita Omelette, Mozzarella Cheese, Breakfast Cobbler

Rachael CarothersBy Rachael Carothers

Ah, breakfast, my least favorite time of the day. This morning was made a little more troublesome because I stayed up way too late last night doing some chores I forgot to do earlier. Instead of just grabbing my standard bagel, I soldiered through and popped open my next Diet-To-Go breakfast.

Today is cheesy egg goodness!

DiettoGo Breakfast omelet_day2

Taking a look at today’s menu, I found that breakfast was a fajita omelet with mozzarella cheese and a breakfast cobbler. I don’t normally eat eggs for breakfast. My stomach churns a little when I have something heavy first thing in the morning. With the promise of losing some weight, I figured I’d give it a try.

Despite being microwaved, the eggs and the cheese came out beautifully. The cheese was melty enough without getting to that gross watery stage. Meanwhile, the eggs were still fluffy and delicious. The red and green peppers added a little bit of a Mexican flavor to the mix. I was amazed at how tasty it turned out.

Diet to Go breakfast omelet

Blueberry cobbler is like dessert for breakfast.

In addition to the omelet, I had a “breakfast cobbler.” I’m not sure exactly what that means but it looked and tasted a lot like blueberry cobbler. Maybe there were some hidden breakfast ingredients that I didn’t see or taste. Or maybe Diet-To-Go didn’t want you thinking you were having dessert for breakfast. Either way, it was also very good. The blueberries had the perfect level of tartness. I absolutely loved it.

The only downside, for me personally, was the sheer amount of food. If I was eating a little later in the morning, this would have been perfect. Unfortunately, my morning stomach prefers staying asleep as long as possible. I was extremely sad that I couldn’t finish everything on my plate. I think I should have saved the cobbler for a mid-morning snack instead of eating it right away. Lesson learned!

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