DietToGo: Snack – Yoplait Key Lime Pie Yogurt

Rachael CarothersBy Rachael Carothers

I fully admit that I am a big chicken when it comes to trying new foods. “Stick with what you know” is a theme in my culinary life. However, I frequently find foods that intrigue me and I want to try them but I just can’t bring myself to put them in my mouth. What if it tastes awful? I don’t want to taste awful things…

This particular Yoplait yogurt, part of my DiettoGo diet plan, is one of those “I want to try” things.


Every time I go to the grocery store, I look at the little cups longingly. One side of me says “I like key lime pie. This could be amazing!” The other side responds with “But it could be the worst thing you have ever eaten. Do you really want to ruin key lime pie? Do you think you could live with yourself?!”  Then I sadly walk away from the yogurt section with flavors I know I like – peach, raspberry, boring on top of boring.

Originally, this yogurt was packed with my breakfast for today. During the week, I eat breakfast at about 6:30AM. I’m not a big morning person so it can be difficult for me to eat a lot of food that early.  Since I know I tend to get hungry again around 10AM, I saved my breakfast yogurt for a mid-morning snack. I’m actually quite glad I did that.

yogurt_DietToGoFirst off, once you pop that top, there is an extreme lime scent that emanates. I was a little surprised by it at first. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t lime. It’s not a bad smell, especially if you like key lime pie, but it could be quite a turn-off first thing in the morning.

Second, the yogurt tastes a lot like key lime pie. See, my favorite part of key lime pie is the tart filling. I don’t like overly sweet things and I am always disappointed when the pie is covered with merengue or whipped topping. Thankfully, the yogurt tastes exactly like the tart filling without having to scrape piles of sugar off of it. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because it is absolutely delicious; bad because this would have been a terrible thing to eat for breakfast. I think that much tartness that early in the morning would have upset my stomach. That is the lesson for today – key lime pie yogurt is delicious, just make sure you eat it later in the day.

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