Looking Fabulous at 53 – How BistroMD Helped Debbie

There are many overweight people who have joined BistroMD diet meal delivery plan to lose weight and improve their health. I find their testimonies pretty useful because they can help other people decide if BistroMD is for them, too.

Debbie Acosta is a realtor in San Antonio, TX, who joined BistroMD 6 years ago, at 47. She has been on the program since then.  Not only did she lose weight, she has kept it off. Being 53 years old and weighing 115 lbs at 5’5” is an accomplishment. “It feels amazing”, Debbie says.

“I don’t have to think about cooking or shopping. I hate going to the grocery store. Preparing the food, cleaning dishes takes up valuable time from my every day life. Convenience is the main thing that kept me in the program.”

Debbie likes that BistroMD tastes so good. But it’s not only the taste that she likes, it’s that thanks to this program she now feels healthier, stronger… and she knows why. It’s because she eats better. “BistroMD meals are the best thing I could give my body”, she explains.

BistroMD chicken

Bistro MD chicken breast with brown and wild rice

So, joining the program and staying on it was a no brainer for Debbie.

She started BistroMD when she was 47. She lost weight immediately. When she turned 50, without any particular effort or pain, she managed to lose 10 more pounds. Women usually gain more weight as they age, but Debbie actually lost weight. And it took her only 6 weeks to lose that weight. Her clothes suddenly looked big on her, she recalls. Debbie is so excited with her new look, that she thinks she will stay on Bistro MD for ever.

BistroMD chips

Bistro MD chicken breast with brown and wild rice

Now when she looks in the mirror, Debbie sees her herself as she used to be when she was very young. She is not any more in a big body. Feelings of health, energy, strength fill her body.  Being fit and so good looking support her role as a grandmother, a realtor, a wife.

BistroMD has offered her so much that she is glad to have been on this program. “It means everything to me”.

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