Mia, 47, Looks Much Younger Since BistroMD – A Success Story

Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger? I think the greatest compliment for a woman is when somebody who is trying to guess her age makes an estimate far lower than her true age. This is what Mia’s experience has been after following the BistroMD program.

Mia is 47 but looks my age (38). She is a grandmother already and looks so young! Her daughter is 29.  Mia is a BistroMD success weight loss story. Like many women, her weight issue started when she entered menopause. What made things worse was that she suffered from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  Mia traveled a lot and enjoyed Southern culture and hospitality.  But being overweight and debilitated at the same time made her feel depressed.  So, she turned to food for comfort, and the extra pounds kept piling up.

Then, one day, a client of hers told her about BistroMD. She never thought that portion control would be effective, but when she tried the first BistroMD meals she had not doubt this would work. BistroMD not only helped Mia lose weight and feel so much more energetic and confident, it gave her emotional and physical strength to conquer her illness.

Let’s hear more about this from Mia herself:

“I am 47 and I feel fabulous. I’ve had so many comments about how much younger I look since I have been on the program. Also, I am starting to get a more girly figure because the stomach fat has been greatly reduced. I feel like I used to feel in my 30s. I feel more energetic, I feel fabulous!”

“With BistroMD, I have been able to embrace my age, and feel good.”

BistroMD breakfast

“I have had a personal relationship with BistroMD. They are very responsive to my needs. When I email them, call them, or contact them in anyway, the respond fast. It’s amazing how they care for their customers. I receive emails of encouragement, they send me tips, and I enjoy a relationship with them. It’s not just a company where I order food from.”

“BistroMD has absolutely 100% improved my life, and I am grateful for this every single day.”

BistroMD is currently running a promotion where you save 50% in your first week. You will need a Bistro MD coupon code. You can try the plan and pay only $99 for your first week. That’s 3 meals a day for a week. Twenty-one meals in total. Pretty good deal. The price thereafter is $180 (7-day plan) or $150 (5-day plan). It’s worth it!



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