Best Diet Meal Delivery Program Reviews

Diet food is always tasteless and bland, right? Wrong! There are weight loss food delivery programs that have perfected the art of “dieting and enjoying it”.

Bistro MD and Diet-to-Go score very high on quality and taste of delivered weight loss meals, cost of service, and convenience of their healthy diet food delivery plans. In all aspects, they have been rated the best diet meal delivery services by independent reviewers.

Diet to Go

For 23 years, Diet-to-Go has been offering meal delivery plans for weight loss, as well as local food pick up.

Plans. Low Fat plan (it tastes so good that Epicurious experts rated it #1), Vegetarian plan (meals contain dairy and eggs), and Low Carb plan (only 30 grams of carbs, similar to Atkins diet).

Cost. It ranges from $98.99 to $145.99 per week depending on the plan. Get a Diet to go coupon.

Calories. You have two options: 1200 or 1600 calories/day.

Guarantee. Based on their experience with thousands of customers, Diet-to-go are so confident that they offer 100% money back guarantee.

Local Pick up. You have the option to pick up the meals fresh yourself if you live in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, otherwise you will have them weekly delivered to your home for a $18.95 FedEx shipping fee.

Contract. There is no contract nor any cancellation fees. You place your order at the beginning and your credit card is charged each week for every new shipment until you cancel. You can start or stop your plan at any time with no penalties (unlike most competitors)

They make their own food. Diet-to-to make all of their food in their USDA certified kitchen (USDA inspects it daily) – the dirty little secret of most diet delivery companies is that they don’t even make their own food.

Customization. Ultimate plan flexibility (you can substitute any meal for dislikes or allergies from their list of over 50 substitution meals).

Special Groups. Appropriate for vegetarian. Also, the menu is in accordance with the American Diabetes Association Guidelines.

Bistro MD

Featured in WebMD, Men’s Fitness and the Dr Phil show, and rated A+ by, Bistro MD is known for its top home delivery weight loss meals created under the guidance of Dr. Cederquist. Dr. Phil named BistroMD “the best home meal delivery available”, and he collaborated with it to help  Pauline Potter, weighing 600+lbs, achieve a healthy weight.

Plans: There is a 7-Day program and a 5-Day program. Both programs include breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Cost: The price is $129.95 for the 5-day plan and 159.95 for the  7-day plan. Get a Bistro MD coupon.

Calories: 1100-1400 per day. 40% from protein, 25% from healthy fats, and 35% from complex carbs.

Guarantee: No satisfaction guarantee.

Fully Customizable. You can select your entrees for each day.

Special Groups: Appropriate for type 2 diabetics. The is not menu specifically for vegetarians, but they do offer red-meat free dishes upon request. If you have allergy to soy, you can customize the program to make it soy-free.



  1. I have read many positive comments about Diet-to-Go. My problem with all these programs that deliver food to your home is that you don’t learn how to eat properly yourself. I mean, convenience is one thing, but acquiring the healthy habits and keeping the weight off is what matters. I think Diet-to-Go is the best, though.

    • You are right Brenda. Trying to lose weight all by yourself is the ultimate learning method towards getting a healthier body. But, why re-invent the wheel when there are services that can provide you with tools that can speed up your learning curve and get you to your goal faster? Diet-to-Go and BistroMD will teach you portion control. After you eat a few of their meals, you will know what it is like to eat 1,200 calories a day. This is knowledge right there. They also teach you what nutritional balance means. Once you go through the first week in the program, you instantly know about food combinations, and how a well-rounded and balanced diet would be. And then, it’s the support you get. How much do you value this? I know I do. You have a question? There are weight loss experts offering guidance any time you need it.

      Certainly, doing it by yourself will force you to learn more, but do you have the diligence and the time to devote on this task so that you will do it right?

  2. Hi Ian,

    One thing I like about BistroMD is that they have a different program for men and for women. Each program delivers the expertise of their weight loss physician Caroline J. Cederquist and her life’s knowledge of working with overweight people.

  3. I have tried Nutrisystem and it worked. I can’t say I am excited about the food, but the snack bars were great. My boss is on Diet to Go and I want to try it to. I have 25lb to lose. Wish me luck!

    • Natalie,
      Thank you for your comment. Diet to Go is real food. Can’t compare it with the shelf-stable of Nutrisystem. Give it a go. I am sure you will like it.

  4. Thanks for sharing this list, Ian. I have heard of Diet to Go but not BistroMD and and am going to check it out!

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